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Industrial Uniforms


The Industrial Uniforms Services division at Exim Uniforms has created factory and industrial Uniforms after conducting exhaustive R&D experiments through observation and further investigation from different industries. This has allowed us to create Uniforms from quality materials that make them wearable in a variety of conditions for both factories and industries.

We understand that these Uniforms need to be comfortable to wear, skin friendly as well as durable. We have the capability to manufacture a host of industrial Uniforms such as engineer Uniforms, coveralls, safety shoes, gloves, aprons, PVC shoe covers as well as disposable facemasks. Depending on your needs, we can tailor solutions specific to your manufacturing facility. Trust Exim Uniforms, we have you covered.


We use high quality uniform fabrics such as PolyCotton Twill, Poly Viscose and P/C blends to manufacture the most stable and reliable qualities of cargo pants and industrial shirts. Our strong Quality Control Team, headed by our Director, places the reliability of our fabrics ahead of profits. We offer a quality seal of approval with all self-manufactured products and will replace all products that do not perform as per specifications within 15 days.