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Corporate Uniforms

Our Corporate Department specializes in Uniforms solutions uniquely designed for each industry sector including Air Lines, Airports, Exchanges, Taxi Companies, Rental Car Companies, Facilities Management, Cleaning Companies, Maids for Hire Companies, Retail Chain Stores, MNCs, Hotels, Hospitality Companies, Restaurants, Service sector and Catering Companies. We offer comprehensive Uniforms solutions depending on your needs and price points. Our products often include: suits, jackets, safari suits, pique polo tshirts, honey comb tshirts, caps, belts, name badges, shirts, pants or trousers, ties, kitchen staff, driver uniforms, receptionist uniforms, security shirts and security trousers. 

Most of our corporate services customers prefer to have their logos/brand names embroidered (or printed) on their uniforms. This has proven to be an extremely effective marketing strategy across the board. The branding strategies of a grand majority of our clients depends upon "Share of Mind Marketing", with uniforms playing a critical role in building share of mind.  

We find our hospitality uniforms sector to be especially adept at designing a variety of uniforms for hotels. Hotel uniforms usually include suits, name badges, ties, shoes, bell boy uniforms, cleaning staff uniforms, engineer uniforms, receptionist uniforms and general staff uniforms. Our corporate department is well versed in the branding and design requirements of a hotel. Given our in-house design team that can submit a variety of designs and bespoke suitings based on our client's requirements, we have the hotel industry covered! 

Our Corporate Services team posesses the capabilities to outfit the entire staff of our respected clients with their wide range of in-house manufacturing capabilities of the afforementioned products. We also perform Made to Measure services at the home(office/warehouse) location of our customers. 


With years of experience dealing in corporate services, we have you covered.